What To Do With Your Cat This Summer

What to do with your cat this summer

Summer is a time for bonding and recreation. And for pet lovers and pet owners alike, this means hanging out with our pets as well.

Whereas dogs are active and can easily be taken out for a walk in the park, cats require more creativity if you want them to have the exercise they need. These felines are often contented with just sitting at home, making them more likely to not exercise and might end up having serious health problems.

Here are several activities from Pet Central that you can plan for your cat this summer.

Play Go Fish

Water may be your cat’s mortal enemy, but it might be a good idea to make them play with water, what with the scorching temperature that summer brings.

Since cats are easily triggered by small objects moving, a ping pong ball floating on a container of water may tempt your kitty to “go fish”. You can try using battery-powered floating toys as well to catch their attention more.

Build a Rooting Box

You can use any cardboard box or storage tote for this one. Since cats are foragers by nature and love squeezing themselves into tiny spaces, you can fill a box with dried leaves, sticks, grass clippings, or river rocks and let your cat dig, explore, and enjoy nature inside a box. Make sure that everything is non-toxic.

Make Some Froze Treats

This one’s simple. Just add a low- or no-sodium broth and some meat to ice cube trays and freeze them. Then place the frozen treats on a cookie sheet or on your cat’s water bowl and let her enjoy it. It might take several tries, however, to find the right taste that suits your kitty’s palate.

Plant a Cat-Friendly Garden

This will help aid a cat’s digestion and give your special kitty a place to frolic, roam, and forage. Growing grass indoors is safe and clean for your cat, but it might be a bad idea to expose your cat to it everyday. You can instead snip a few pieces of grass or catnip and put on the  floor for your cat to find.

There is always a way to enjoy summer, and your cat has every right to do so as well. Don’t forget to spend time with your beloved pets even in this season of rest and leisure.

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