Are You Ready for an Aquarium?

Are you ready for an aquarium?

Taking care of cats and dogs can be quite overwhelming and requires great patience and sometimes, a lot of cash to feed. If you want to have a pet but do not have the means or energy and time to take care of cats and dogs, a fish might be the perfect animal for you.

Here are several reasons from Dr. Karen Becker as to why fish make great pets.

Fish have a calming effect

  • Ever wondered why rich people in movies install aquariums in their offices? Because fish are known to have a tranquil, calming effect on anyone who watches them glide serenely through the water. If you are someone who gets stressed a lot, it might be a good idea to get yourself an aquarium with fish.

Fish are easier and less expensive to feed

  • They are less expensive to buy (except if you fancy really exotic types) and you get to spend less on their food as well compared to feeding cats and dogs. However, they do require  a proper environment in order to survive and, of course, knowledgeable caretakers.

Fish are emotionally independent

  • You don’t have to worry about fish pissing on the floor or ruining your furniture when you leave the house because (a) they can’t get out of the water, and (b) they don’t develop separation anxiety that leads to destructive behaviour.

All Fish types are quiet

  • They can’t warn you when robbers come, but they won’t keep you awake at night either. Neither will you get noise complaints from your neighbors.

Fish exercise on their own

  • They don’t need to be walked or chased around. They don’t require a litter box. They are very independent creatures.

These are just a few reasons and there are many more. However, if you are considering getting fish as pets, there are a few questions you need to ask yourself:

  • What kind of fish do you want? Tropical freshwater, cold-water, or tropical marine? It is better to buy fish that have been bred in captivity and not caught from the ocean.
  • What do you know about the fish you want to buy (size, diet, temperature preference, etc.)?
  • What kind of environment does it need?
Despite the difference in taking care of fish compared to cats and dogs, the bottom line still remains. All pets should be loved and taken care of with great patience and commitment.

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