Enjoying Summer with Your Dog: 4 Dog-Friendly Activites

4 Dog Friendly Activities to do with your dog this summer

Summer is a great season to bond with your dog. With the scorching heat and soaring temperatures forcing everyone out of the house, it is a great opportunity to do some fun activities with your dog and make sure both of you enjoy summer to the fullest.

Here are some ideas from rover.com that you might want to consider for your summer itinerary.

Treasure Hunt

Geocaching has become increasingly popular in the past few years. This high-tech form of treasure hunting that makes use of GPS becomes a whole lot more fun if you add your dog to the equation. Geocaching involves searching and finding buried treasure placed in specific locations. You can modify this by hiding your dog’s favorite treats outside, in a nearby park or sidewalk. Let your dog exercise his sense of smell.

Splash Zone

The heat makes us crave for water. Having a splash fest will help cool down your dog and prevent overheating. It is also a very fun and active way of playing with your dog. Grab a sprinkler or hose and splash your way through the backyard!

Night on the Town

If the heat is too hard to bear during the day, you can opt for having a dinner date with your dog. Check with local restaurants that might have dog-friendly patio dining options. Or you can try to have an evening picnic at a nearby park.

Hit the Beach

Nothing says summer more than a day at the beach. This will help both you and your dog to relax by the seashore, listening to the waves, feeling the sand between your toes (or paws?). Make sure you go to dog-friendly beaches and prepare sun protection for you and your dog. And don’t forget to bring drinking water!

There are so many ways to enjoy summer with your dog. Don’t let the season pass by without spending some time together and making the most out of this season.

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