What to Do When Holiday Fireworks Scare Your Dog


As pretty as holiday fireworks can be for us, it is not the same for dogs. Most dogs are scared of fireworks, and this anxiety can leave them in a panicked state even when the lights and sounds have faded. Even if you do not take your dog outside to see the holiday fireworks and you are just staying inside the house, the noise can overwhelm your dog. A scared dog or a scared pet can become unnecessarily aggressive, can pee all over the place, hide, tremble, and whine.

Here are a some ways on how to deal with a scared dog or a scared pet around fireworks.

Sound Training

You can help your pet get used to the sound of fireworks by setting up training sessions throughout the year. You can do this by playing a fireworks sound effect at a very low level for a brief period. Give your dog a series of small, tasty dog treats and lots of praise when they remain calm. Then turn the sound off and stop giving treats. Gradually turn up the volume after each cycle. Always be sure to check that your dog is comfortable with the sounds and not displaying signs of anxiety.

Dog Anxiety Vest

Much like swaddling helps calm infants, a snug garment that puts gentle pressure on your dog’s torso can reduce fireworks anxiety. Train your dog in wearing a pressure wrap before fireworks so that he will get used to wearing it around.

Toys and Games

Distract your dog during fireworks by giving him something delicious and fun to focus on and enjoy. Stuff a toy with special goodies and treats so that your dog will not be overwhelmed by the noisy fireworks outside.

Check out the full article from PetMD.com here for more tips on handling a dog scared of fireworks.

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