5 Christmas Decors Every Cat Owner Must Avoid

Christmas decor

‘Tis the season for Christmas decors and fancy lights. As pretty as we want our homes to be during the holiday season, a cat owner must know those fancy decors can also mean Dangerous decors, especially for our feline friends. Dangerous decors can be as simple as little things we hang on our tree or flowers we scatter on the wall. But with a cat’s curious nature and instinct to climb things, it could very well be dangerous.

Here are 5 Dangerous decors every cat owner must avoid.

Tinsel –

Tinsel is possibly the most dangerous holiday decoration not just for cats alone, but pets in general. It has the tendency to shed its strands, and ingesting a few of these strands can make your cat ill. It can even lead to intestinal obstruction.

Delicate or treasured ornaments –

A cat owner should never put up such sentimental stuff on the tree, mainly because a cat will most likely climb up the Christmas tree and knock over your décor.

Holly berries –

According to the ASPCA, holly berries are considered potentially toxic if consumed in large amounts. This can result in gastrointestinal irritation and depression of the central nervous system.

Christmas lights –

Christmas won’t seem complete without the lights, but you have to make sure to keep the strands away from the very bottom. Your cat can easily just chew on the electrical cords and end up getting an electrical shock. Make sure the end of the extension cord is tucked away so your pet cannot get to it.

Lit candles –

Avoid this at all costs. Cats jump around the place and can easily knock over a lit candle, which can result to a fire. Never, I repeat, never light a candle around a cat.

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