How to Do Pet Friendly Decorating for the Holidays


Christmas won’t be Christmas without the Christmas decorations, neither will it be if your pet gets hurt. This holiday season, as we set up the tree and hang the Christmas balls, every pet owner must know how to keep their pet safe. Every pet owner must learn how to make pet-friendly Christmas decorations.

Here are a few tips from interior designer Heather Higgins, ASID, CID, of Higgins Design Studio, LLC.

Skip the boughs of holly.

Although live mistletoe and holly make really pretty Christmas décor, they are also highly poisonous if ingested. Poinsettias, while not being poisonous, can cause upset stomachs. It is safer to use silk plants as decorations for the holidays.

Let there be light – safely.

Candles can be a nice touch to the ambiance, but not when they are a fire hazard. Do not place candles in unprotected locations where a wagging tail can knock them over. To avoid these issues, you can use flameless battery-operated candles instead. If you insist on using real candles, make sure to put them on a high and sturdy piece of furniture.

Stabilize the tree.

The tree is usually the centerpiece of the home during the holidays. However, it can easily topple when kids are running around and dogs are playing. Make sure to attach your tree to the wall or ceiling using thin, barely visible guide-wires.

Choose ornaments wisely.

Make sure to use pet-friendly ornaments as well. Keep breakable ornaments high and out of reach. Avoid very small decorations and ones that are made of food like strings of popcorn, candy, or nuts. These are enticing for dogs to chew and can also pose a choking hazard.

Read the full article here for more pet friendly tips on Christmas decorations.

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