What Dog Breed Are You?

Knowing a dog’s ­personality is very important when it comes to choosing a dog. You have to know which type of dog matches you and your temperament.

It might also be easier to know which dog breed to pick if you know which dog breed you would be if you were, well, a dog.

Taking a quiz from BuzzFeed, here are possible kinds of dogs that might best suit your taste and personality:


Strangers would find you aloof, might even call you a snob. But that’s not true. You are just picky with the people you hang out with. You may be an introvert who spends Friday nights binging Netflix rather than clubbing, but that doesn’t mean you have a social life. You love hanging out with your core group of friends and family. And you are actually pretty sweet, just on your own terms. Perhaps you like to read fantasy novels like Harry Potter and are not fond of exercising.


A trendsetter and influencer, you have quite a social life going. Contrary to a Shiba Inu, you love going out in fancy clothes with your owner and his or her fancy fur coats. Shopping is your stress reliever. No matter where you go, people just turn their heads to look at you. You might have quite a number of haters but you pay them no mind. You are far above their level in class and fashion.


You are known as quite the rebel who pays no heed to what other people think of you. Sort of like Kat Stratford in 10 Things I Hate About You. People find you pretty in your own sort of way. You are an artist that has a different view of things and will not be confined to any sort of societal standard. But people love you when they start talking to you because you have a lot of experience and stories that make them want to listen to you.


There is certain charisma in you that people find irresistible. You might be quite the celebrity but you are not blown away by all their pretty words and flattery. You know how to be your own self at all times and without apology.

What are you waiting for? Take this quiz to find out what dog breed you are!

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