The Many Ways Your Dog Talks to You That Leave You Clueless

Sad Dog

Many times, the behaviors that our dogs exhibit do not always make sense but the same can be said for dogs that our behaviors do not sometimes make sense to dogs. One thing is for sure, unlike humans who are independent, dogs are dependent on humans for survival. And experts say that this dependence places dogs at a very hard position in the scale of things. In addition to this dependence is the fact that a canine-to-human language barrier exists that makes them not to understand us. While humans communicate by using speech and words, dogs do not make speech and they have to communicate in other ways. This communication style makes it important that the parents of a dog know and understand what the puppy is trying to say to them. Experts who are veterinarians say though that humans can understand dog communication and the earlier and better they do this, the easy it is for them to understand their dogs and reduce the frustration inherent in training them. This understanding also serves to create a bond between the human owner and the dog.

Key Takeaways:

  • Dogs communicate with us, but we need to understand their language and actions to help them.
  • If a dog whines they need some kind of attention, perhaps a blanket on them or your undivided attention and love.
  • Dogs who grunt are happy and being playful, not grumpy!

““The better you understand how he experiences his world, the less likely you’ll be to become frustrated or angry (and perhaps treat your charge unfairly),” says Dodman.”

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