The Topic Nobody Wants to Discuss, but It Matters to Your Vet

Dog eating from bowl

Let’s talk about dog vomit. Every pet owner has had the gift of some sort of vomit at one time or another. Is your dog vomiting, regurgitating, or expectorating? Vomiting also comes from a dog who ate something he should not have, and contains bile, which is yellow. Regurgitation is food that comes right back up after eating and there could be underlying problems with this such as obstruction in the esophagus, such as an object or even a tumor. Expectorating involves coughing and mucus. It is not a pleasant subject but every dog owner needs to know the difference so they can describe them to the veterinarian. That way your furry family member can be treated properly.

Key Takeaways:

  • A dog that is regurgitating, rather than vomiting, will open its mouth and recently consumed food or water will come out.
  • When a dog vomits, the cause is usually due to something the dog ate, such as garbage or non-food items.
  • There are serious conditions that may cause a dog to vomit, such as a blockage in the digestive system, kidney disease, or inflammatory bowel disease.

“Since your dog isn’t likely to agree to a repeat performance at the vet’s office, knowing what he was doing before you get there is beneficial in diagnosing the problem. And if you can manage it, take a video of the event and bring it with you to your appointment. It may seem weird, but it can actually help your vet arrive at a solid diagnosis in much less time than it might otherwise take.”

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