How to Keep Pet Hair Off Your Clothes

How to keep pet hair off your clothes
Perhaps one of the greatest everyday struggles to ever the cross the path of pet owners is shedding.

Taking pet fur off your clothes is a very time-consuming activity, one that somehow manages to dissipate every single ounce of patience you have. Sometimes, it even makes you late for work because your favorite blouse or slacks is unmistakably dotted with strands of fur.

Despite all this hassle, we still love our pets and would not want them to be separated from us.

So what do we do? comes to the rescue with several tips for the pet owner on how to keep pet fur off your clothes.

Store your clothes in a closet

  • This may be common sense, but it has become an increasing practice of modern-day humans to just pile fresh laundry on the bed or a chair. If you have a pet, chances are your fresh clothes will have fur sticking on them so much you’d have to wash them again.

Spray your clothes with anti-static spray

  • Although this may not keep fur off your clothes completely, it will help in making less of them stick, since static makes stuff like hair strands stick on the surface.

Stick to smooth fabrics

Soft or plush fabrics like wool sweaters and sweatpants attract more fur than smoother materials like silk.

Keep a lint roller

  • It should be somewhere you can easily find it and pick it up. Placing it near a door would be ideal so that you can remove some pet hairs that have accumulated while you were walking out of the house.

Use lighter colors

  • Dark colors tend to show pet hair more than lighter ones, especially if your pet has light-colored fur. Use light colors that make pet fur unnoticeable on your clothes.

Use slipcovers on furniture that you sit on, such as couches or chairs

  • In this manner, you can wash the covers once a week or when necessary in order to remove unwanted fur that tends to stick on your clothes when you sit down.

These are just a few of the tips in keeping pet fur off your clothes. Dealing with pet hair is simply another part of raising pets. However, it doesn’t make a good impression when you’re covered with fur especially at work or in social gatherings.

Don’t allow such a simple problem keep you from looking your best.

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