Tips on Traveling with a Pet

Tips on Traveling with a pet

Traveling can sometimes be overwhelming, what with all the things you need to prepare, making sure you did not leave anything behind. It can be even more so when you bring a pet along.

Whether it’s for a vacation or a business trip, or even moving to another country, it’s usually hard for pet owners to leave their beloved pets behind.

We also don’t want to end up spoiling our trip and our mood by worrying too much, so here are a few tips from UpgradedPoints to keep yourself and your pet comfortable when traveling.

Prepare for the journey

Rehearse with your pet

  • This is important especially for pets who have never been on a long journey before. Take them out for short drives with gradually increasing durations. Put them in their crates to make sure they get used to it faster. Walk them around the airline terminal to help them get familiar with the smells and sounds.

Take a relaxing walk before boarding

  • This will help your pet walk or run around before boarding the plane, bus, boat, or train. This releases all their restless energy and make them calmer during the journey.

Prepare the crate

  • Make sure you have the right crate or carrier beforehand. It should be large enough for your pet to sit, stand, and turn around with ease and should be IATA approved. Line it with absorbent bedding. Freeze a small bowl of water which will melt when your pet gets thirsty.

Research the pet rules of your destination

  • Be sure to check the requirements of your destination country, city, town, or state. There may be specific rules and laws that are different from your place of origin and that you might need to be extra careful of.

Learn about your airline’s pet policy

Policies also vary between different airlines. Be sure to check beforehand the rules and regulations on bringing a pet onboard, so as to have a smooth travel. Missing some things might cause trouble in boarding the plane.

These are just a few tips to make sure your journey goes well and worry-free. Although there will always be unexpected circumstances that will arise, this will at least help you prepare for it.

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