How to be Happier? Get a Pet.

How to be Happier? Get a Pet.

Pets are arguably one of the greatest blessings that have been given to mankind. It does not matter whether it’s a cold and lazy cat or a bouncing dog or a fish that can’t talk (because fish don’t talk), a pet is good company and something many of us might need to invest in.

For the tired office worker whose life revolves around a routine of work and sleeping at home, or the single person working from home, or the business tycoon with too much time on his hands, a pet is surely something that will improve your lifestyle and your temper.

If you are a fan of John Wick, you’ll know the entire story gets put into motion by the death of a puppy. And according to John Wick himself, “It wasn’t just a puppy.”

The attachment a pet brings to humans sometimes transcends the bond that we can create with humans. Somehow, these creatures are able to understand our soul in ways not even fellow humans can.

In an article from Psychology Today, it states that having pets provide meaningful social support for their owners, thus improving their lives, as was discovered in a research published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

It was also discovered that people facing serious health challenges such as heart attacks and HIV, actually fare better with pets.

Pet owners also exhibit greater self-esteem, are more physically fit, are less lonely, and have healthier relationship styles. A lot of these pet owners also say that they are in a way closer to their pets than to some family members and that their relationship with their pets has helped them have healthier relationships with other people.

It’s not just mere speculation and biased views as a pet owner – it actually is proven! Pets do make humans better people. They improve the ways we relate with others. Not only do they provide a daily dose of happiness, they also provide comfort and companionship. If you are thinking that it’s a great hassle to raise a pet, think again. You might need them more than you think.

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