Should I Use a Bark Collar for Dogs?

Bark Collar for Dogs

A bark collar is a type of training collar worn by a dog that tends to bark a lot. This is designed to negatively reinforce a dog from barking, until such time that he will avoid doing so. A bark collar has been controversial in recent years and some people even consider it a form of animal abuse.

When should you use a bark collar? Is it really necessary? Here are a few points on using bark collars from Everyday Health.

There are different types of bark collars. There is a bark collar for dogs that uses an electric shock. Another one uses a citronella scent, and another emits an ultrasonic sound. You can use this bark collar for small dogs and big dogs. The function is the same: to stop dogs from excessively barking.

There are issues, however, on the usage of these bark collars. If the microphone or sensor malfunctions, it might cause more harm to your dog and will unnecessarily give them pain.

Katherine A. Houpt, V.M.D., the director of the Animal Behavior Clinic at Cornell University, points out that there are dogs who are “nuisance barkers”. These dogs, according to her, barks nonstop, either for territorial reasons or for attention-seeking behaviour. Houpt says that behaviour modification can help manage nuisance barking, thus the usage of bark collars.

Ultimately, it is best to get the advice of your veterinarian on whether you should get a bark collar. You also need to identify why your dog barks a lot.

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