6 Facts that Dog Lovers Can Relate To

Dog Lovers

Dog lovers know other dog lovers. There’s something about us that we can identify in other people. Like how we squeal when a cute and adorable dog passes by. Or how we feel the urge to pet every little dog that comes our way (Ughhh. Why are dogs so sweet??)

If you are a lover of dogs, here are 6 facts dog lovers can relate to:

Every dog is special.

Whether it’s a dog with a unique breed or a dog that lives in the streets, every dog is worthy of care and love. There are no dogs that deserve to be abandoned, thrown away, or abused.

Dogs are our best friends.

They are always very eager to listen. Unlike some people, they don’t judge us (probably because they don’t understand what we’re saying, but who cares, right?) and are always happy to see us when we come home from a long day’s work. Dogs can be your most loyal friend and companion.

We love to take pictures of our dog.

There is always a ton of pictures of your dog on your phone. When he’s sleeping or eating or barking or rolling over and asking for attention. You might even have an entire album dedicated just for your dog’s photos. Your dog is your favorite model. You might even go to lengths of dressing him up.

We spend for our dogs.

Canine lovers are always ready to spend for their dog, whether it’s a visit to the veterinarian or a new toy. We become happy when our dog is happy and we want them to enjoy themselves as much as possible. There is no happiness that we will withhold from them.

We love to hang out with our dogs.

Our day is never complete without a pet, a snuggle, or racing around the room. Sometimes we even do hide-and-seek. Spending some time to bond with our dog is a part of our daily routine. Sometimes we forget to hang out with people, but not with our dog.

If possible, we would live with our dogs for the rest of our lives.

Losing our childhood dog can be quite painful for us. It feels like losing an arm. If only dogs live as long as humans do, it would surely make our lives a little bit brighter and easier to go through.

For dog lovers, dogs are more than just pets. They are loyal friends, selfless companions, and faithful partners in life. Once you have felt the love of a dog, there is no turning back. You will start loving dogs and wanting to take care of every dog you can afford to.

The world may be cruel and harsh at times, but dogs are angels in the form of furry little bodies that help us get through each day. They sure make the world a better place. Once a dog lover, always a dog lover.

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