Is Your Home Puppy-Proof?

Raising a puppy does not only require food and time and patience. It also requires an environment where a puppy can grow. Puppies can be a handful, though. They have the tendency to chew everything they come across. They can be clumsy and wild. It is important to puppy-proof your home before raising one because if not, it will pose problems both for you and your pet.

So how do you puppy-proof your house? has some tips for us:

1. Keep your trash under wraps.

Puppies are very curious creatures. They will rummage through anything that smells interesting. Make sure to cover or tie your trash bags and keep them out of reach.

2. Cover and contain cords.

Protect your puppies from getting accidentally electrocuted. Protect your cords from the jaws of your puppy. Make sure to keep your cords or cover them to prevent your puppy from chewing them.

3. Create a drug-free zone.

Human medications can have adverse effects on dogs. Make sure your medicine is stored away in a cabinet to prevent your puppy from accidentally eating them.

4. Give them space.

Puppies need a place to run around and exercise. Provide a space where your puppy can be a puppy. Let him be free to run around, but also set certain limits. Don’t spoil him!

5. Set limits.

This is an important thing. You don’t want to spoil your puppy to the point that you can’t control him. Make sure you train them on what is good and what is not (like eating your shoes and plants).

Check out the full article here for more tips on making your home puppy-proof!

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