How to Calm Down Your Hyperactive Dog

calm hyperactive dog

Dogs are active beings by nature. They are energetic and lively. That is what makes them such good pets! However, some dogs can go over the top that it becomes a bit difficult to manage them. They can become such a nuisance that some owners surrender them to dog shelters.

How does one raise a hyperactive dog? Here are 5 tips from


Exercise is necessary for a dog, whether he is hyperactive or not. However, exercise can be especially helpful for hyperactive dogs. This will help him release some of his restless energy.

A long walk in the morning of about thirty minutes to an hour, and a shorter walk in the evening after work is ideal. No need to rush. You can chill as you walk and let your dog stop and smell the roses.

Build a routine

Hyperactivity is often a result of insecurity on the dog’s part. This usually happens to adopted dogs who may have moved around a lot in the past and had little or no structure in their lives. Developing a routine gives your dog an idea of what to expect and how to live life. It can be as simple as scheduling his food and exercise.

Smart toys

Using toys that put your dog’s brain to use can help calm down his hyperactivity. It will also keep him occupied for a while. There are several toys you can find here that might be helpful for your dog.

Obedience or trick training

This is a very important lesson to teach your dog, especially hyperactive ones. Teaching them to obey simple commands will make your life as an owner easier. You have to establish your authority over your pet so that he will not go around doing as he pleases. Teaching him what is right and what is wrong builds a common language between the two of you.

Learn a new sport or game

Learning dog sports like flyball, freestyle, or disc dog is a great way to bond with your pet. It also provides physical and mental exercise all at once.

You need to know what fits your dog and what doesn’t. it’s all a matter of time and patience to really get to know them.

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