Is it Safe to Walk Your Dog in the Rain?

Dogs are not only curious creatures by nature, but they are also creatures of routine. So when the rainy days come, a lot of questions arise. Is it safe to let your dog go out in the rain? Is it better to sacrifice their daily exercise routine and keep them indoors?

Rain not only dampens the plans of human beings; it also does the same to our pets. Although a dog’s routine is much simpler than that of his owner, there are things that may cause health and problems if you let your dog out.

What dangers does the rain bring to our dogs? Here are several things compiled by

Low Visibility

When it rains hard, roads tend to get less visible. Drivers who can’t see well are a major safety risk for your pets. Lightning and thunder scare dogs and might cause them to run into the street. Roads are more slippery. This is one of the biggest reasons why rainy walks outside should be discouraged.


Anything metal can attract lightning, including an umbrella rod or something on your dog’s collar. If you are outside during heavy rain, seek shelter immediately. Avoid high points and trees along the way. One thing you shouldn’t do is remove your dog’s tags. Although they are made of metal, your dog might run away, so make it a priority to stay inside and take short potty breaks.


While splashing in puddles may be an adorable thing to do, every dog who does this exposes himself to a variety of dangerous bacteria, like leptospirosis and giardia. If your dog has a tendency to drink standing water, make sure to get him vaccinated for leptospirosis. Another way is to let him drink up a lot of water before you go out to play.


Like humans, if dogs are exposed to wet, cold weather for too long, it can pose some dangers to their health. Their respiratory tract might become inflamed, which in turn can lead to pneumonia. Symptoms include cough, lethargy, wheezing or difficulty breathing, and a runny nose. If this is not treated, this can develop into something life-threatening.

To prevent pneumonia, wipe your dog dry with a towel or blanket as soon as he comes in from the rain. It is also helpful to put a waterproof doggy raincoat on him before he goes out into the rain. If you can’t find one for your dog, you can cut holes in a large garbage bag and put him into it.

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