How to Keep Your Dog Hydrated This Summer

How to keep your dog hydrated

Summer is here!

Along with the scorching heat comes beach outings and sunbathing. It’s a tradition to go out of the house and enjoy as much of the heat as we can. But all our summer ideas might not be as enjoyable to our dogs as it is for us. It might sometimes be even risky, if we do not keep them hydrated in the summer heat.

Here are several tips from on how to keep your dog hydrated this summer season.

Carry water every time you head out

Everyone gets thirsty fast in the soaring temperatures. So will your dog. It is important to bring a bottle of fresh water and a clean bowl along with you and your dog every time you go out so that you can give them water even when you’re on the move.

Switch to wet food

It can be helpful to keep your dog hydrated by adding water to his dog food. This does not diminish the nutritional value of the food and will increase your dog’s water intake.

Keep multiple sources of fresh water in your home

Fill different water bowls at different parts of your house to ensure that your dog has water even when one source runs out. This is extremely useful especially for active dogs who like to move around a lot.

Give ice cubes as treats

You can add ice cubes to your dog’s water to keep it cold through the day.

Hydrate during exercise

When taking your dog for an exercise, make sure to give him small amounts of water every few minutes. This will prevent dehydration and overheating. Make sure that you also let him stop panting before letting him drink.

Be watchful for signs of dehydration and overheating in your dogs. This includes drooling, excessive panting, and sticky saliva. Floppy skin is also a sign of this, especially when it takes long to snap back after being pulled.

While making sure to keep your dog hydrated this summer season, don’t forget to keep yourself hydrated as well. Drink lots of water and enjoy this summer to the fullest!

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