How to be the Alpha of the Pack

How to be the alph of the pack
Raising a dog can be a handful sometimes. Raising multiple dogs multiplies this. How can one raise multiple dogs and be able to exercise authority over them?

Dogs, like many other animals, follow a hierarchy of leadership. They will follow their alpha. If your dog leads you and you follow him, this will pose problems for you as a dog owner. He won’t take your commands seriously and will do whatever he wants to.

It is important to establish authority over your dogs and make them see that you are the “alpha” of the pack. But how do you do this? Here are a few tips from Specialty Dog Training that might be helpful.

Working for a living

Your dogs should earn everything. You should be firm in not giving them what they want at the slightest whimper (beware of the puppy eyes!). This means they need to complete an obedience command before they get a reward.

No petting, feeding, talking, or even eye contact if they are disobedient. This might sound a bit cold but will help in showing your dogs that you are the alpha.

Controlled feeding arrangements

You need to control their eating arrangements. Teach your dogs not to eat anything put before them if you don’t say so. They need to learn to obey commands instead of their own instincts. It might help if you don’t feed him in the same place every day and controlling the kind of environment he eats in.

Controlled entertainment resources

You can allow them to have 3 toys out per day. However, they have to work to get each one released. When you pick the toys up, be sure they are watching you control these items. If any of the dogs try to protect a toy, remove the toy and put it away for the day.

Be firm

Do not let any of the dogs take control. Do not allow them to pull on leash if you are walking them outside. You must also be consistent in your policies, such as no peeing on the carpet or eating in the bedroom.

Everything depends on consistency. If your dogs see that you are not consistent, they will think you are not serious. Training multiple dogs can be overwhelming at times, but it also multiplies the fun!

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