4 Dog Breeds You Can Own Despite Having Asthma

4 dog breeds you can own despite having asthma
Raising dogs can raise problems. Asthma is probably one of the most common problems that can be triggered by having dogs around. If you really want to keep a pet, you can settle for iguanas, snakes, hermit crabs, turtles, and other scaly creatures.

However, if you badly want a dog (because who doesn’t?) but the only thing that’s stopping you is asthma (whether it’s yours or your kid’s), then here are four breeds of dogs that you can still own and keep. These breeds have been listed as “hypoallergenic: on the American Kennel Club’s (AKC) website.

Bichone Frise

This breed name literally means “curly lap dog” in French. Bichone Frises are very good with small children. Also, they do not shed hair which means less cleaning needed and less likely to trigger asthma. However, their coats grow continually so they require extensive grooming.

Bedlington Terrier

Like the Bichon Frise, the Bedlington Terrier does not shed its coat as well. However, a weekly grooming is necessary so that its growing hair will not trigger your asthma. Bedlington Terriers are loyal and good companions. They are also soft in temperament, feel, and look and will not start a fight unless forced in extreme situations.

Portuguese Water Dog

This breed of dog has been used in the past to herd fish into fishing nets and also act as a courier from ship to ship. They are single coated like the Bichone Frise and Poodles, thus they do not have an undercoat that sheds. These dogs are intelligent and active, requiring a high level of physical activity and they prefer being with their guardians.

Chinese Crested

Unlike the previous breeds which are known for having a lot of hair but no shedding, the Chinese Crested actually sheds very little hair. In fact, there is a hairless version with only its head and feet covered. These dogs are reserved with strangers and timid with new people and situations. They are quite playful around the familiar although sometimes jealous of other pets.

Although there are no breeds that are 100 percent hypoallergenic, the AKC describes the predictable, non-shedding coat as having value because it produces less dander. Also, asthmatic owners are advised to wash their pets, its bed, and keeping up with grooming as beneficial to allergies.

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