Hamster Care 101: How to Take Care of Hamsters

How to Take Care of Hamsters

Hamsters are irresistibly cute. Every kid probably wants to have one. I know I did when I was a kid.

Hamsters are also relatively easy to take care of. Although it is not as easy as we used to think, taking care of them is not that hard either. You just need to get a little used to it.

Here are some tips from Geoff Williams of PetMD.com on how to take care of hamsters as pets.

The Basics

If you want to get a hamster for your kid, it is advisable that the child be in elementary school or older. This is because hamsters require a lot of care and are not great in tiny hands. They need someone with a firm grip so they don’t run off into the wild.

However, a hamster can be a good, fun, educational pet for families. It doesn’t require as much space and food as dogs or cats. Here are the things you’d want to get if you’re raising a hamster.

A hamster – of course.

The quantity depends on your preference. However, there are types that are better off alone like Syrian hamsters. They violently fight over territory when they reach maturity.

A cage.

One that is at least 15 inches long and 12 inches high is advisable. But if you can, you can get a bigger cage so your hamster can have more space to play around. Also, make sure the cage is escape-proof.


The best and healthiest bedding is one that is not made of wood shavings. You can get one made from cellulose or plant-based paper fibers. Avoid cat litter, corn cobs, newspaper, and any scented bedding since these contain chemicals that can cause respiratory trouble.


An exercise wheel is a must to prevent boredom. You can also get a ball so your hamster can run around a room in under your supervision.


There are bags of hamster mix which contains a blend of fruits, vegetables, seeds, and grains. It is also good to give your hamster small pieces of fresh vegetables and fruit. Make sure your pet also has fresh water all the time.

There are more things to know when raising a hamster. Check the full How to Take Care of Hamsters article here to know more details on how to be a hamster owner.

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