The Best Dog Breeds for Working From Home

Best Dog Breeds for Working from Home
In recent years, working from home has become more common than ever. As of 2017, about 3.7 million employees in the United States of America have been working at home for at least half the time.

Working at home has its advantages. It gives you more control of your surroundings, like working in your pajamas and doing tasks even if you haven’t taken a bath yet. However, it can also get lonely. The absence of having officemates around to chat and gossip with can affect your emotional state as you work.

So what better alternative is there? A dog!

Here are several suggestions from of the best dog breeds for work-from-home professionals needing a buddy:

Siberian Husky: The Active Dog

For those looking for a dog with tons of energy for playing and running around, a Siberian husky would be ideal. This dog is one of the most active breeds there is since they are bred to be a sled dog with amazing endurance. They can be great in encouraging (or forcing) you to get out of the house after many hours of working on your desk.

Golden Retriever: The Social Butterfly

If you are looking for an extrovert dog, cheerful and friendly, a golden retriever is for you. Not only are they adorable, they are also super outgoing and can be friends with anyone, whether it’s you, your cat, the postman, or your next-door neighbour.

Chihuahua: The Cuddler

Huskies and golden retrievers might be quite a handful for those introverts looking for some peace and quiet. A Chihuahua would be the best match for you, since these tiny canines tend to bond with one person instead of entire families.

Pug: The Calm One

Aside from being immensely cute, pugs are one of the calmest, quietest dogs. In fact, they get calmer as they age. So if you don’t have the energy for running around and just want some company, a pug would be the best for you.

If you are lonely, dogs can be your best friend. It’s not always about the breed. It’s about finding the right personality of a dog that fits you.

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