How Cats Show Their Love

Generally, cats are known for their cold and could-not-care-less nature, in contrast to a dog’s sunshine and energy. There have been memes and comics and movies about it.

But in reality, cats are affectionate creatures. Some cats tend to shy away from human touch but others love it. However, cats show their love in ways very different from how we humans do. So if your cat is not as cuddly as you want it to be, don’t worry.

Here are several ways how cats show they love you, according to The Spruce Pets.


  • This is perhaps the most obvious way cats show their happiness. The action of purring involves a cat seemingly having a special little motor inside them that gets started when they are relaxed or enjoying something. You’ll feel a rumbling, vibrating noise while you are petting your cat.


  • Unlike children who roll on the ground during tantrums, cats do it to show that they are excited to see you. They may walk or run up to you and begin to roll around, showing that they want your attention.


  • Bunting is when your cat rubs his/her cheeks and head on you or an object. This is a way a cat leaves his/her scent on you, marking territory. Cats do this when they love something or someone.


  • Cats scratch to leave both scented and visual marks of ownership. The areas most important to a cat are often associated with the owner, like a sofa or a doorpost.


  • You can notice this most in kittens, when they are drinking milk from their mother’s breast. Adult cats tend to knead their paws when they are feeling most relaxed, content, and loved.  They often do this when they are being petted on their owner’s lap.

Hunting and Gifting Prey

  • Cats may be small and cute, but they are still hunters by nature. Cats can show how they love you by sharing their bounty, whether it’s a toy or a dead mouse (creepy, but adorable).

So if you see another meme or comic about a cold-hearted cat, don’t believe it! There are so many ways cats show you they love you and you might have never realized it.

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