Toys to Sharpen Your Dog’s Brain

Dogs don’t exactly have to be smart. They don’t need to ace quizzes and get a 4.0 GPA. However, for the dog owner, a smart dog is easier to train. This involves his ability to catch up on commands and to understand how to do them. It also keeps you from worrying if they might take a dump on the carpet or pee all over the hallway.

There are certain breeds of dogs that are known for being obedient like Labrador Retrievers. But since there is a surplus of dogs without owners, there might not be much of a choice of breeds for those who adopt. Also, there might be a hidden genius behind your dog that you might not know about. So here is a list of toys compiled by Lori Ennis of to help keep your dog’s brain sharp.

Dogit Mind Games

This game is perfect for a new puppy, or even an old dog who needs some play time. It has three games altogether. It’s great for teaching your pups focus and attention and is best for small to medium-sized dogs. Adding treats makes this all the more fun!

Trixie Flip Board

This is a level two board game, for those dogs who have already been playing with toys a bit. This is a great choice for moving up and is designed for small to medium dogs. This toy involves flipping lids using knobs and sliding disks back and forth to get treats. You can also increase levels of difficulty as your dog advances.

Furbo Treat Tosser

From the name itself, this toy tosses treats. But with this toy, you have control over how much interaction you want. It is perfect for those who want to keep their dog’s brain sharp while also having fun.

Pupper Pamper IQ Game

This toy is good for small or large dogs, depending on the size you buy. It has varied difficulty levels and is fantastic in making your pup work for his food and treats. It also aids digestion which is important if your dog is the kind who wolfs down his food.

Not yet convinced? Check out the full list here to find the perfect toy for your dog!

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