Finding the Perfect Dog Name

When it comes to raising a dog, a lot of decisions have to be made – knowing the right breed, what kind of dog food to feed, etc. One of the most important would be what to name your dog.

This task might be easy for some who have long ago decided what to name the dog they will get. Others just tend to think off the top of their head by naming the dog something obvious like Blacky, Whitey, Spot, or something that resembles the dog’s physical attributes.

Choosing the perfect name for your dog involves several factors. And for the owner who wants to have a name that reflects your dog’s personality, physique, and overall vibe, here are a few things you might want to reconsider.

Remember that you will be saying the name A LOT

Naming your dog something silly, ironic, or weird can be unique and amusing to think. There’s no problem with this. However, you should remember that you will be saying their name out loud a lot, so you might want to think twice before naming your dog a profanity. Be sure to pick a name that you are comfortable saying around your parents or strangers.

Think twice before naming your dog after a trend

Trends change a lot and will soon fade fast. Memes and jokes and pop culture references come and go, so if you’re naming your dog to fit in to the recent trend, you might want to think twice. Also, if you want to be unique, you might want to keep yourself from calling your Siberian husky Nymeria or Lady.

Consider your dog’s personality

There are names that do not fit a person. So it is with dogs. You might want to get to know your dog’s personality more before coming up with a name because this will be what he lives with for the rest of his life.

These are merely tips to help you when you’re stuck or cannot decide between several names. There is no science or criteria for the perfect dog name – you just have to do what feels right.

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