Cat Stuck in a Tree — Call a Tree Professional

Cat stuck in tree

In the event your cat scurries up a tree and goes too far, the best thing to do is remain calm. Frightened and panicked owners scare their cats, which might climb even higher. First try to entice your cat out of the tree with their favorite cat food or treats. If that does not work, give it time, up to 12 hours. Lastly, when it is time to ask for help, call your tree professionals. They climb trees for a living and rescuing cats is one of the services they offer. Firefighters need to be available for human rescue calls. When the tree professional arrives, be prepared with a bag and also a tarp to catch your cat if they make a jump for it. Cats may become frightened enough to jump out of trees when someone comes to rescue them. One last thing, if your cat is missing, look in the trees, they may just be stuck in one.

Key Takeaways:

  • An animal stuck in a tree is probably frightened and is likely to bite, scratch, or climb higher up the tree.
  • You should contact a rescuer if the cat has been in the tree for more than 12 hours, if the weather is bad, or if the cat is normally an indoor cat.
  • The best place to find someone to rescue the cat is to call a tree company.

“Some cats will come down without a problem. And if she’s close enough to the ground, she may simply jump. However, other cats become frozen in place, growing increasingly frightened and weak, until they’re eventually unable to climb down on their own, even if so inclined. If your cat is stuck in a tree, the first thing to do is try to entice her to come down on her own.”

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