Why You Should Hug Your Cat on June 4th

Why you should hug your cat on June 4th
Over the years, humans have come up with many different holidays for many different things, just to show how much we love the things we celebrate about.

Aside from the generally observed holidays like Christmas and Independence Day, there are holidays that are not marked in our calendars but are totally worth celebrating.

There’s April Fools’ Day on April 1st, Star Wars Day on May the Fourth (for ‘May the Fourth Be With You’), International Free Hugs Day on the first Saturday of July, Pi Day on March 14 (because 3.14), and so many others we may not know about.

Today, on June 4th, we celebrate perhaps one of the most important historic unofficial holidays that mankind can come up with: Hug Your Cat Day.

What makes this holiday so special?

The first reason is because cats. I mean, what else is more adorable and worthy to be hugged than cats (aside from dogs)?

Second reason is because cats are usually very allergic to hugs. If your cat is a cuddler, you’re in luck. But for those owners of felines who stretch and bend and squeeze just to avoid being touched, this holiday might be a bit hard to celebrate. You might also prepare yourself for some scratches on the arms or face.

Third and perhaps the most important reason is because cats deserve our love. Not only by giving them food and shelter but by bonding with them, playing with them, and of course, hugging them. As cold as these creatures may seem, there are times when they do want our affection and touch.

So if you are a cat owner or even just a cat lover, be sure not to be stingy with those hugs today! This is the day when you finally have an excuse to give your cat some extra love.

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