Adopt, Don’t Shop: Gaining a Friend While Saving a Life

Adopt, Don't Shop: Gaining a Friend While Saving a Life
Owning a pet has never been this trendy – or needed.

Many people have a desire to own dogs, but usually, they want the pretty breeds – a Pomeranian or a Siberian Husky that’s worth more than a thousand dollars. There’s nothing wrong with that. Except that there are thousands of dogs in a dog shelter waiting to have a home.

With the help of social media, the phrase “Adopt, Don’t Shop” has become a social advocacy that has caught the attention of many people, spreading awareness for the plight of the orphaned dogs. These dogs have been discarded or abused, so most of them are not what you would have in mind for a pet. Perhaps they have lost a toe or have burn marks on their face.

These dogs in the dog shelter are waiting for one or the other: a good home to welcome them or an injection to put them to sleep forever.

So why should you adopt a dog instead of shopping for one?

One, you’re saving a life. Adopting a dog from a shelter does not only mean you are giving the pup a better home, you are also freeing up a space for another dog’s life.

Two, you can find a fully trained dog. Dog shelters have adult rescue dogs that have already been house trained and has basic manners. So if you don’t have much patience to train little puppies, you can settle with adult ones..

Three, rescue dogs are less expensive. These dogs have already had all of their vaccinations and are usually spayed and neutered already. Adoption fees usually range from 50 to 300 dollars.

There are many, many more reasons why adopting a dog is more beneficial not just to you but to society as well. If your company is one that encourages the presence of pets in its premises, then go to the nearest dog shelter and find the right dog for you.

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