What to Do with Your Dog’s Bad Breath?

Bad breath is always a big turnoff. We are always taken aback by it, whether it’s from humans or dogs. And as much as we love our dogs, we also hate having to deal with bad breath. It is one of the common problems for dogs. We can’t really blame them though. They have an entirely different diet from us (like, say, poop?).

However, dog breath is not a hopeless case. There are ways to lessen the odor in your dog’s breath. Famous dog food brand Pedigree has some tips for you:

Brush your dog’s teeth.

Not a lot of owners do this because it may seem ridiculous and unnecessary, but it does help keep your dog’s breath fresher. This practice also reduces plaque and tartar build-up, which helps prevent tooth decay and gum disease, one of the main causes of bad breath.

There are special toothbrushes available in pet stores. One very important thing to remember: never brush your dog’s teeth with toothpaste developed for people. Buy a special canine toothpaste made just for them.

Consider annual cleanings by your vet.

Bad breath becomes more common in older dogs because of years of unchecked tartar buildup – unless you are the type to clean your dog’s teeth regularly. Your vet is the right person to clean and polish your dog’s teeth. He can also check for any problems like cavities or tooth damage. However, this can be more expensive and risky for older animals.

Give him something to chew on.

Chewing is a dog’s natural way of cleaning his teeth. This practice also improves his health in the process. There are several available chew toys in stores. You can consult with your vet about appropriate chew toys and oral care treats to be sure.

Keep an eye on what he eats and drinks.

Diet is one of the main influencers of breath odor, so it is important to watch what your dog consumes. Make sure that he is not eating inappropriate things like feces. Also, be sure to give him fresh, clean water daily.

Add chopped parsley to his food.

Just a little extra, since parsley is a natural breath freshener.

These are just a few tips to keep your dog’s breath in check. If bad breath still persists, visit your vet and have your pet checked.

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