Is It Safe to Let My Dog Sleep on My Bed with Me?

Sharing a bed with your dog is a common practice for a lot of owners. For others, the fear of unwanted parasites and bacteria may be stopping them from doing so. Is it really safe to have your dog sleep beside you?

In an article by Nancy Dunham of, she writes about the benefits of having your pet sleep beside you.

If you and your dog are perfectly healthy, go on! In a research published by Mayo Clinic Proceedings, sharing a bed with your canine companion, as long as he isn’t under the covers, may actually improve your sleep.

Since most owners are away from their pets most of the day because of work or school or whatever commitments outside, they want to maximize time with their pets when they are at home. Having them sleep in your bedroom is an easy way of doing so.

Previously, a lot of pet experts have advised against this practice for two main reasons: (1) it will promote poor behaviour in the animal, and (2) it could lead to serious illness in humans.

However, in recent years, many vets believe these issues have been overstated, or rather, incorrect. According to Dr. Ann Hohenhaus, staff doctor at the Animal Medical Center in New Your City, “Sleeping with your pet is an important ritual for many people. It doesn’t need to be avoided if both pet and owner are healthy.”

Allowing a cat or dog on the bed does not cause behavioural problems as well. Sure, there may be aggressive ones that we would not want to allow on our bed. However, this aggression is often rooted in fear.

Having pets on your bed is not a matter of safety (unless you or your dog is sick). It is more of a matter of lifestyle. Are you able to live with having hair on furniture? Are you comfortable having your pet sleep by your feet? Whatever the case is, let the old myth be debunked. It is safe to have your dog sleep on your bed.

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