What to Do When Your Female Dog is in Heat

What to do when your female dog is in heat

Being a dog owner is a lot of work, all the more if you have multiple dogs with different sexes. Every dog owner who has both a male and a female knows the struggle of having to keep your male dogs away when the female is in heat. The long nights of whining can keep you up all night.

So how can you control your male dog when your female is in heat? Here are a few tips from AnimalWised.com.

Keeping the scent under control:

The scent of a female dog in heat is what causes your male dog to go crazy. And although you may not be able to smell it, females actually leave their scent everywhere they go and males can pick it up. It is important to keep them at separate spaces in the house, as far as possible from each other.

However, if you allow them to roam in common places at different times, the female’s scent will remain. That is why it is important to clean the common spaces as much as possible while your female is in heat.

Underwear for female dogs in heat:

Although it may sound weird, this has actually become a widely accepted practice that pet stores have started selling special underwear for dogs. This can help a lot in keeping the female dog’s scent under control.

Changing your walking schedule:

This is a simple yet very practical solution that would benefit both you and others. It is wise to take advantage of quieter hours to walk your dog. It is also imperative that you put your dog on a leash to keep them controlled around other dogs.

Products to cover up the scent:

Using anti-odor smells could help mask your female dog’s scent and keep your male dog distracted. Methanol scents like Vicks Vaporub are useful for these situations.

A female dog’s heat usually lasts two to four weeks. Be prepared so that when it comes, you can face it with fewer problems and hassle.

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