Top 3 Best Dog Food You Can Buy

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Choosing a brand of dog food for your pet is important. Not all dog food brands are the same and your dog will also have his preferences. Some dogs are allergic to a certain brand of dog food while they will like one brand of another. As dog owners, we want to be sure which dog food is best, although this is quite a subjective choice. You have to find which dog food is best for your dog personally.

 Just to help you get started, according to a dog food advisor, out of all the dog food brands, here are the top 3 best brands for dogs.


Pedigree is one of the most well-known brands when it comes to dog food. It is affordable and boasts of a variety of choices for every dog age and every flavor your dog might enjoy. Pedigree dog food, whether dry or wet, is nutritionally complete and balanced. That means it has all the necessary nutrients your dog needs to function and be a healthy animal. Their dog food is designed to provide the essential nutrients a dog needs, while also containing ingredients to support 5 signs of good health, namely: healthy skin and coat, strong bones and teeth, strong muscles, firm stool, and a cheerful disposition.

Royal Canin

Royal Canin makes dog food for both dogs and cats. In their website, it says, “Health is our obsession. We focus our attention on the unique needs of cats and dogs. That obsession with detail is what makes it possible for us to deliver precise, effective, nutrition, and help them become their magnificent best.”

Unlike Pedigree which features many different flavors, Royal Canin boasts of having a specific dog food for a specific breed and age. There is dog food specifically made for French Bulldogs and there are some for Yorkshire Terriers and other breeds as well. They also have dog food products specifically for dogs with sensitive skin. You can browse their selection here.


Orijen is an award-winning dog food brand that boasts of its biologically appropriate products with fresh regional ingredients. According to Orijen, their food is designed to “nourish your dog as nature intended” using fresh regional meat inclusions that mirror your dog’s evolutionary diet. Unlike other dog food brands, Orijen excludes vegetable proteins and a lot of synthetic supplements found in some dog foods. Their products are more protein-based, as they believe it is what dogs should eat.

You can browse their list of products here.

There are many dog food choices in the world, and this might cause you a lot of confusion. So make sure to check the label. One way to see if a dog food is good is by reading its label. There are key pieces of information you have to check before feeding your dog with a certain type and brand. You have to see if there is nothing in it that may be harmful to your dog. You can check out this article by the American Kennel Club on how to choose the right dog food for your dog.

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