3 of the Most Expensive Pets in the World

Expensive Pets

We all know taking care of pets can be expensive. But guess what? Buying one can be more expensive than your life savings can afford. What’s more amazing is there are actually people who are willing to buy pets – expensive pets, at that – and spend millions of dollars to do so.

Here are the three most expensive pets in the world.

Green Monkey

Nope, he is not a monkey. Green Monkey is his name, and he is actually a thoroughbred American racehorse. Green Monkey was auctioned for 16 million dollars in 2009, perhaps due to the fact that the first time he raced, he ran an eighth of a mile in just under 9.8 seconds. Unfortunately, Green Monkey suffered from an injury and can no longer beat that record. However, he remains to be the most expensive pet or one of them at least, until today.

Sir Lancelot Encore

This Labrador Retriever is unique because he is the world’s first clone dog. When his predecessor Sir Lancelot passed away suddenly, owners Nina and Edgar could not bear the loss. So they decided to have him cloned and Sir Lancelot Encore was born. The couple spent $155,000 on the process. Sir Lancelot Encore’s estimated worth rises up to 16 million dollars.

Miss Missy

Another expensive pet would be Miss Missy. Miss Missy is a show cow belonging to the Holstein breed of cows, with many winning titles to her name. She is more productive than your average cow. In fact, she produces 50% more milk than an average cow.

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