Top 2 Dog-Friendly Hotels Anyone Can Afford

Dog-Friendly Hotels

Traveling is never as fun as it is when you bring your pet along. For many owners whose careers force them to travel around, their pets are one of their major concerns. Many may think dog-friendly hotels are hard to find, but there are quite a lot scattered all over the country.

Here are 2 of the top dog-friendly hotels that are also affordable for every dog owner who wants to bring their pet along.

Motel 6

Motel 6 is a budget motel chain. It is a dog-friendly hotel that boasts of 1400 locations across the USA and Canada. Not only do they have “clean, comfortable rooms at the lowest price of any national chain”, but most of their branches also allow pets, as long as these pets are “well-behaved”. If you are planning to travel around and check in a Motel 6 branch, make sure to check first with the pet policies for the state or municipality you will be going to, since some may forbid pets except for service animals.

Motel 6 locations have a maximum of two pets per room, although there is no limit on size. Upon checking in, you will be given a paper of their pet policy (if not, you can ask). Some extra rules include that pets shouldn’t stay in rooms unattended. Some Motel 6’s include a pet relief area, with poop bags, but not all. Pets always stay free, except in some locations where there is a 10$/day fee.

Red Roof

Motel 6 is not the only dog friendly hotel around. Compared to Motel 6, Red Roof inns have hairdryers, shampoo, a packet of disposable tissue and coffee- and tea-making facilities in their rooms.

The majority of Red Roof locations allow pets. Only their Washington, D.C. and Philadelphia branches mention in their pet information page as not allowing pets. Double-check ahead before booking for a place and always ask at the front desk as well.

Like Motel 6, pets stay for free, but they usually allow only one pet per room. There is also a weight restriction of 80 pounds (36 kgs).

If you want to check out more dog-friendly hotel options, you can search for “dog friendly hotel near me” or “dog friendly hotels near me”. You can also check out Travelnuity’s blog article here.

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