This Human Food Could Kill Your Pet Before You Arrive Home

Dog Friends

Recently, two three-month old puppies reached an early demise due to eating peanut butter. This is due to the xylitol that is located within the peanut butter itself. Xylitol is a natural sweetener that unfortunately is deadly to many canines. Even if xylitol is not listed on the ingredients list, there is still a chance that this deadly sweetener is located within the jar due to cross-contamination. It is best to stay away from feeding your four-legged friends peanut butter altogether.

Key Takeaways:

  • The author states that he constantly comes across several items that make dogs sick or worse after taking peanut butter containing xylitol.
  • The present case in point was about three puppies in Virginia who became sick and were having seizures after taking xylitol and the vet realized it on time.
  • The dogs in question couldn’t survive the induced hypoglycemia due to taking xylitol and had to be euthanized which usually happens when xylitol gets to dog liver.

“This sweetener is being used in an ever growing list of products because it’s as sweet as sucrose, but with only two-thirds the calories of sugar. It’s less expensive than other sugar substitutes, tastes better and causes little if any insulin release in humans.”

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