Say Good Riddance to Nasty Pathogens That Riddle Pet Toys

Sad Dog

When telling your dog to go fetch his favorite toy, the last thing you would even think about is how Staph bacteria and yeast could be infiltrating their favorite ball or squeaky toy. Unfortunately, recent studies show that there are several nasty pathogens that are present within most pet toys. Learning how to appropriately wash these toys is imperative in making sure that they are as safe for your pet as possible. Most rubber toys can go through the dishwasher, while most soft toys are best washed in the washing machine.

Key Takeaways:

  • Because dogs like to chew and carry around their most favorite toys, these favorite toys are the ones to carry the most dirt.
  • When a dog plays around with its toys, maybe burying them in the yard or sleeping with them at night, they become magnets for bacteria, yeast, and mold.
  • When during a study 22 families were asked to swab household items to measure for various types of bacteria and germs, pet toys contained coliform bacteria and yeast.

“When the National Safety Federation (NSF) conducted a study to find the germiest items in a typical home, you may be surprised (or not) to learn that dog toys made the top 10 list.”

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