Things to Consider Before Adopting a Special Needs Dog

“Adopt, don’t shop” has been an increasingly popular movement among pet owners – and for a good cause. Since shelters are getting more and more crowded and more dogs need a loving home, it is better for those looking for a new pet to embrace those that have been abandoned.

But even in shelters, some dogs are left behind, mainly because of a physical disability. Adopting a dog is a big enough responsibility, and adopting one with a disability adds another layer of responsibility. However, it is a different kind of joy and fulfillment to provide a home for these ‘runts’, the ones always looked over and never considered.

Walkin’ Pets Blog gives us a few things to consider before adopting a disabled dog from the shelter.


The first question one has to answer is “Why should I do this?” If you don’t have a strong enough ‘why’, then it’s possible you haven’t fully thought through the implications of such a choice. Not having the right ‘why’ will eventually lead to you getting tired of taking care of a special needs dog and eventually abandon him. So to prevent this from happening, you have to carefully consider your reasons for doing so and prepare your mind and heart to take one into your home.

Do I have other pets or children at home?

Ask your adoption agency if the dog you are considering can live in a home with other pets or young children. This is important because there might be behaviors that can be harmful to your present pets or children. You should also ask yourself whether the pets you already have will be comfortable around a new dog, especially one that may move, sound, or act differently.

Do I have the means to provide for medical care?

All dogs require routine veterinary care. Depending on the dog’s disability, a disabled dog might require even more. You have to assess if you are able to provide such medical attention for your new special needs dog.

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