5 Best Ways to Reward Your Dog

best ways to reward your dog

Raising a dog requires building a relationship. One is not only supposed to feed them and give them baths but also to train them and give them treats. There are several ways of rewarding your dog. Here are five ways on how to do so, according to Amy Bender of The Spruce Pets.


Food rewards are especially common when raising household pets. Treats are easy to get and easy to give, and it is also quite an effective way to reward behaviour immediately. This type of reward is very useful when you’re doing dog training for simple tricks like rolling over, sitting down, shaking hands (or paws), and the like. The downside to this, however, is it is not always convenient to bring treats around. Also, your dog might have allergies with something in the treat, or it can lead to a weight problem or digestive issue. You may want your dog cute and fluffy, but it might not be the best for their health.


Initiating games that both you and your dog can enjoy is one way to reward your dog. This is also a great way to give your dog exercise, to get him out of his dog bed and onto his feet. Some great options include tug-of-war and fetch. You can also make him play a series of games by inserting commands during your game. For example, while playing tug-of-war, command your dog to “leave it”. Then ask him to lie down. As soon as he follows your instructions, throw him a toy. This is a good and fun way to have dog training.

Attention from You

If you notice your dog barking at you for no apparent reason, then he just might be seeking attention. Dogs love a good cuddle. Your undivided attention is a great way to reward your dog and he will surely appreciate it. One way to use this as dog training as well is to wait for your dog to come to you for attention. Then when he does, ask him to sit or lie down first. If he follows this, then give him some snuggle time as a reward. Your dog might be feeling lonely, and petting them might just be some sort of dog rescue for them.

Access to the Outdoors

By nature, most dogs love going outside and exploring the outdoors. There are a million new things they can see, smell, and play with. You can use this as a reward and a bonding experience for your dog. Take him outside on a leash to a spot where you want him to relieve himself. Don’t allow him to explore just yet. Stay in the same spot until he has relieved himself, then give him a compliment and take him for a walk around a neighborhood.

Playtime with Other Dogs

Many dogs like to make friends with other dogs. This can also be a good way to reward him. You can take your dog to a local park. Have him wait until you give him permission to jump out of the car. Always make sure that you are training him by making him wait for a bit before letting him run around.

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