Therapy Dogs Benefit Everyone From Seniors to Prison Inmates

therapy dog for seniors

Therapy dogs are now becoming more and more well-known for how much they do for their owners through a wide spectrum of skills that they offer. Seniors that are in assisted living facilities are finding that having therapy dogs can help reduce their depression symptoms, partially for contributing to a decrease in loneliness. Correctional facilities are also using therapy dogs as a way to help build parenting skills through inmates and their children during their stay.

Key Takeaways:

  • Some senior citizens at Atria, a living facility in New York City for seniors, are delighted to have a visit from the Good Dog Foundation.
  • The Good Dog Foundation provide dogs to these senior citizens which serve as therapy dogs. The seniors have the opportunity to pet them, and be reminded of their pets.
  • The dogs at the Good Dog Foundation are given six weeks of training on being therapy dogs with their handlers.

“The Good Dog Foundation is unique in that its dog and human handler teams undergo training in order to become certified therapy dogs. Some other organizations only register dogs, without helping them reach a certain level of therapy training.”

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