Dogs Detect Disease With Uncanny Accuracy

Sad Dog

A Siberian Husky named Sierra was able to successfully detect ovarian cancer in her owner, Stephanie Herfel, three times in total! Surprisingly, this is not an isolated case. Veterinary experts claim that oftentimes, our canine friends can detect various cancers by smelling certain areas of our body. If your dog is obsessed with sniffing certain parts of you, this may actually indicate that something is going wrong. If you find your dog being drawn to a certain area of your body, it may be a wise idea to get checked out by your primary care physician.

Key Takeaways:

  • Because a dog’s nose is about 10,000 to 100,000 times more sensitive than that of humans, they can smell things a human cannot like detecting cancer.
  • Dogs are very specific and accurate in detecting cancer that if a dog seems concerned about a certain part of your body, you should check it.
  • According to Stephanie Herfel whose dog has helped her detect her cancer, she said that the first time her dog indicated something was wrong, it sniffed loudly.

“Herfel had been experiencing abdominal pain, but when she went to the emergency room, they said she had an ovarian cyst. Unnerved by Sierra’s reactions, Herfel decided to make an appointment with a gynecologist, who ultimately discovered that she had cancer.”

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