How to Prepare Your Pet for a Hurricane

As climate change worsens, hurricanes have become more unpredictable, coming around at times of the year when it is most unlikely. Thank God for technology that allows us to prepare before a storm hits.

As prepared as humans can get, our pets need assistance. It is harder for them to fend for themselves when disaster strikes. It is important for owners to keep their pets in mind as well when preparing for a hurricane.

How do we prepare our pets for hurricanes? Here are some tips from Animal Medical Center.

Before the storm, find out which evacuation shelters allow pets.

To prevent having to transfer from one evacuation center to another, research ahead on which ones allow pets. Many pet owners complain of being turned away because of pets. Call your local and county officials and find out where you can take your pets before the storm hits.

Use a pet carrier.

This is one of the most important pieces you can have during an evacuation. Carriers are required at many pet shelters and it can serve as a safe space for a nervous pet. Be sure to label your carrier with your pet’s name, breed, sex, date of birth, your current address and contact number, and any important medical information.

Make sure you have at least two weeks of your pet’s medications on hand.

You never know when a crisis will end. So in the event that a hurricane is expected to strike, it is better to be prepared. Make sure you have 14 days of prescription medications, as well as heartworm and flea preventives. Pack them in a bag with your pet’s essentials. Write down your current administration schedule and dosage in case you need to leave your pet with someone. Apply heartworm and flea preventives before placing your pet in an evacuation facility as they can be exposed to fleas and mosquitoes.

Carry a week’s worth of food and water.

To organize better, divide your pet’s meals into individual storage bags per meal. This will help ensure you bring enough food and allow you to assist others who may have to care for your pet during an evacuation. Carry bottled water (24 ounces per day for a 20-pound dog and 8 ounces a day for a 10-pound cat) and bowls.

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