How to Lessen Litter Box Odor

One of the constant struggles of any cat owner is litter box odor. It is common knowledge that cats have extremely stinky feces, much worse than a dog’s. When a cat’s dirt is left in the open for even a short time, the smell lingers.

Sometimes, your cat fails to cover it up completely with litter. Not only do you suffer from this, but it is also difficult to have friends over when your place smells like a stink bomb.

How do you control litter box odor? Here are a few tips from

Scoop the box daily or more.

Old urine and feces might not smell as bad and pungent as fresh ones (maybe because you got used to the smell), but the longer it sits on the litter, the more likely it is the smell will invade the rest of your house and stick to the air.

Scoop your litter box early and often to cut down the odor and prevent it from sticking around.

Replace the litter twice a week.

This depends on how many cats you have. If you have a lot, you will have to replace it as often as necessary. Even if you scoop every time your cat uses the litter box, you are bound to miss some. It is important to get rid of old stock and replace the litter completely.

Wash the box with soap and warm water (not ammonia-based cleaners, or else it will smell worse), dry it and put fresh litter in.

Replace the litter box once a year.

Over time, your cat’s claws and your scooper can make small grooves in the bottom and sides of your litter box. This makes it harder to sterilize certain areas, thus making some odor stick.

Avoid this by donating your used litter box to a shelter or rescue group yearly and buying a new one for your own cat.

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