How to Clean Your Cat Without Bathing

How to clean your cat without bathing it

The good thing about raising cats as pets is that we don’t really have to bathe them all the time. Unlike dogs, cats are very hygienic creatures and actually spend up to 4 hours a day licking themselves clean.

That is why they get hairballs a lot. I mean, who wouldn’t with all the licking of their own fur?

Another thing why we don’t really bathe our cats is because water is practically their mortal enemy. Only in very rare cases will you find a cat who loves taking baths.

Although they are generally clean creatures, there are times when they get extra dirty, like poop stuck in their fur or falling into mud. How do you clean your cat without bathing them?

Here are a few tips from

Dry shampoo

You can find this in any shop that sells pet products. It is foamy in texture and all you need is a comb to remove the product – no water involved!

Baby wipes

If you have no time to buy dry shampoo or a specific product, you can always opt for baby wipes. Be careful to do it slowly and gently, mimicking the cat’s own licking method. This manner will help your cat to trust you, thus making cleaning him/her easier.

Not only do you need to clean your cat when it’s really dirty, but you also need to clean the parts they can’t clean themselves like ears, eyes, and mouth.


This is not an easy task because cat ears are very delicate and can be easily damaged. There are specific sprays for maintaining clean ears. You can also perform a more superficial clean using gauze. Consult your vet on how to do it properly.


You sometimes need to clean a cat’s eyes from rheum, the watery substance that drips either from the eyes or nose. This can be done easily with gauze or damp cloth. DO NOT use wipes as it can agitate the eyes.


It is important to carry out regular cleaning using a specific toothpaste and toothbrush for cats. Plaque build-up is inevitable. Giving it chew toys will help keep its teeth and gums healthy.

Pretty simple, right? Always be careful in handling your cat since they are very delicate creatures and also quite fierce when provoked. You wouldn’t want it to scratch your face.

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