Can I Feed My Pet with Christmas Treats?

Christmas treat

Christmas tends to make us lenient with everything. As the season brings in loads of Christmas sweets and Christmas candy, we can get the idea that feeding pets with these are not a big deal and should not be an issue. However, feeding pets the right kind of food is not something we should take lightly. Although it might be considerable for humans to eat more Christmas sweets and Christmas candy than we usually do, this should not be so for your pet.

So if you are wondering if you could give your pet those sweet treats, the answer is a resounding no.

No matter how big those puppy eyes get, do not be fooled. “Dogs and cats are simply not designed to eat processed human snacks,” says Alison Daniel, founder of healthy pet supplement company Din Dins. Here are some common Christmas treats and why we should keep them for ourselves.


Never, ever give chocolate to your dog, whatever the occasion. This contains active ingredients like theobromine and caffeine which can affect hormonal and neurological functions in dogs. Even small doses can be harmful and may even be fatal.


Fatty meats can make your pet’s stomach upset and can even cause pancreatitis. Cooked bones, especially poultry, are brittle and can get stuck in your pet’s throat or gut. While raw bones are beneficial for teeth and health, this is not so with cooked bones.

Fruit cake, figgy pudding, mince pies

These sweets usually contain raisins. Dogs affected by grapes or raisin toxicosis can develop vomiting, lethargy, or diarrhoea. This can make the dog dehydrated, which can lead to worse symptoms.

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