3 Ways to Pet-Proof Your Christmas Tree

pet proof christmas tree

As Christmas Day gets closer, you would not want to have your Christmas tree get damaged by your mischievous pet. As you mark another day off the calendar, another item in the to-do list remains to be done: protect Christmas tree from a dog. If you want your Christmas tree to keep standing, you need to be smart and learn ways to make a pet proof Christmas tree.

Here are 3 ways to crash off the protect Christmas tree from dog item off your list:

Spray it with a repellent.

Fallen pine needles can be dangerous for your dog. It can puncture your pet’s tongue, paws, and even their intestines if they swallow it. Deter your curious pet by spraying the whole tree with a 50-50 mixture of red pepper sauce and water. This is a way to turn it into a pet-proof Christmas tree.

Anchor it.

Some pets like to climb up the tree (especially cats). To prevent more accidents from happening, make sure your tree is secure by running a 200-pound invisible fishing wire from the trunk to a hook on your wall.

Watch the water.

Pets can be oblivious to what is harmful, and Christmas tree water may contain preservatives and traces of fertilizers that can upset their stomach if they drink it. You can’t just tell your pet Christmas tree water is dangerous; you have to prevent them from drinking it. Refill the water often and keep the bowl covered tightly with a tree skirt.

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