Tips on Potty-Training Your Pup

One of the first things a dog owner must teach their dog is where to defecate. Believe me, it will save you years and years of torture in cleaning after your dog as it poops on your carpet or on your bed.

Potty training is important, and this requires great patience and some time before your dog can get used to it.

Here are a few tips from Fetch! Pet Care on potty training your little puppy.

Stick to a schedule

  • You can start by taking your dog outside every day at the same time. You can do this as soon as you wake up and right before bedtime. A routine will teach him that these are the specific times when he should go to the bathroom.

Spend as much time with your young pup as possible

  • If disciplined properly, your dog will soon learn that going to the inside bathroom is a bad thing. Spending as much time as possible with your pup will help you train him to go outside. When you see signs that he is about to go, you can run him outside for his potty break.

Take him out after every meal and snack

  • Every time he eats, take him to the same designated place outside. This will give him the idea that that place is where he has to go.

Reward going outside

  • When your dog goes to his potty place, reward him with praise or a treat.

Use crate training

  • You can try keeping your puppy in a crate whenever you’re not around or when he sleeps. When he is aware and ready to go out, you can take him from the crate and immediately outside.

Use a bell on your door

  • This will help your dog communicate with you whenever he needs to go potty. He can ring the bell so that you won’t miss if he asks to be let outside.

Get rid of odors

  • There will be a time your puppy will have an “accident” at home. Make sure you clean the area well and get rid of the odor so he doesn’t go back to the same place and urinate. You can use baking soda and warm water and white vinegar.

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