This Is What’s Causing Your Dog’s Hair to Fall Out

Do you ever look down and notice something off about your pet? How did that scratch get there, what were they doing? Hair loss can be one of these odd encounters. In this article, Dr. Karen Shaw Becker provides 8 unique examples of what could be causing that abnormal loss of hair. From vaccinations, itchy skin and a myriad of scary underlying medical problems that are likely treatable. This article also provides basic education on coats or breeds and normal times in which hair would thin or fall out completely.

Key Takeaways:

  • The number of hairs on a dog is fifteen times more denser than that found on humans and dogs are estimated to have about 15,000 hairs per square inch.
  • All dogs shed their hair at some point in their life and some causes include the time of year, a warm versus cool climate, and grooming habit.
  • Some dog breeds are hairless like the Chinese crested, the Xolo and the American Hairless Terrier while some shed a massive amount, even removing their undercoat.

“But what about a dog who doesn’t fall into any of these categories, but whose coat is thinning or falling out?”

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