These Animals Make Lousy Pets However Cute, Don’t Be Fooled

Many people love to bring home stray cats. However, not all stray cats are suitable to be pets. Specifically, feral cats should generally be avoided. Feral cats, otherwise known as wild cats, usually come out at night and are susceptible to a number of health issues. In general, most feral cats cannot become pet cats. However, there are ways to care for these cats without domesticating them, including trapping-and-neutering return programs. If one does take in a stray cat, it is important to integrate it slowly into the home. Such methods of doing so include being calm and gentle, scheduling play sessions with the cat, and taking small steps to ensure that the cat is comfortable with their new surroundings.

Key Takeaways:

  • Cat lovers will have their hearts broken when they see a cat on the loose on the streets especially during the winter.
  • Stray cats are cats that have lived with humans before and if they haven’t been on the loose for a very long time, they can be approached and handled.
  • Feral cats are cats that are wild. They are wild because they are born wild or they may be strays that have gone back to the wild.

“The first thing you must do is determine whether the cat is stray or , because this will be a very important factor in how well he adapts to indoor living with humans.”

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