The Two Germiest Pet Items in Your Home

Dog Friends

A recent study by the National Sanitation Foundation discovered that a pet’s food and water bowl are two of the most germ infested items inside a home. The large amount of bacteria found inside the bowls does not necessarily harm pets. It is recommended, however, to wash these bowls regularly to protect the pets’ owners. Bleach is not recommended as a cleaning agent; it’s better to use hot water and soap. Non-plastic bowls are also recommended as well. In addition to pet bowls, pet toys were also found to be germ infested and should be cleaned regularly as well.

Key Takeaways:

  • A recent study asked families to swab 30 everyday household items in order to estimate the presence of germs in them and pet food bowls came in number 4.
  • It is just as important to wash kibble bowls used by the pet in the home as it is important to wash moist diet bowls.
  • Pets like dogs and cats have a high tolerance in their digestive system for bacteria, the type found in prey, than do humans.

“Those pet parents may not realize that while dry food doesn’t leave the same obvious mess behind as canned and raw or fresh food, it’s just as likely, and even more likely in some cases, to be contaminated with salmonella, E. coli or other types of bacteria.”

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