The Right Diet for Your Rabbit

If you are a new owner of an adorable little ball of fluff commonly known as a rabbit, you might be unsure of what you’re supposed to feed it. You probably know rabbits are herbivores, which means it feeds mainly on plants. But what kind of plants are you supposed to feed it?

Helen-Anne Travis of gives us some answers.

A lot of new rabbit owners think that big bag of pellets you see at the local pet store are all a rabbit should it. However, these pellets are more like a rabbit multivitamin, providing supplemental minerals, protein, and fiber, instead of giving it the essential nutrients.

Rabbits thrive on high-fiber diets rich in grass hays, including timothy, brome, and orchardgrass hay. Dr. Peter Helmer, a specialist in small mammals at BluePearl Veterinary Partners in Clearwater, Florida says, “Pellets are far too rich to make up the bulk of [a rabbit’s] diet. Rabbits have evolved eating grasses and roots; there are no pellet dispensers in the wild.”

Rabbits also eat fresh vegetables, but not carrots, which is something we commonly associate them with (because of Bugs Bunny). Carrots have more sugar than what an adult rabbit’s digestive tract prefers.

Small amounts are fine as treats but dark leafy greens are preferred. Broccoli leaves and stems and dark leaf lettuces make a more suitable rabbit snack.

Read the full article here for more information on what to feed your rabbit.

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